◢ It’s a… || Jared & Charlotte

Charlotte brushed her fingers through her hair, watching her bump in the mirror in front of her. She wasn’t overly happy with being pregnant, she didn’t feel glowing or beautiful as people had described it to her. But it was okay, even though she felt fat and had the weirdest mood swings. The thing she missed the most was coffee but she knew she would be able to drink that soon enough. With a soft smile, a weak attempt to cheer herself up, she left the bathroom and walked into their bedroom, picking up her sweater before making her way out to the kitchen where she figured Jared was. Probably making and drinking his tea as always.

“Are you ready babe?” She asked when she found him, referring to their appointment which she actually looked forward to. It was easy to say that she wanted a boy, someone who could look up to Jared as his role model instead of having a baby girl who would look up to her mother, in this case Charlotte. She was still doubting herself, she was pretty sure she always would but she hoped it would get easier with time. “The appointment is at eleven so we have like an hour before we have to be there.” She looked up at Jared and smiled.